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29th Annual

Lincoln Reenactment

February 15 & 16, 2019

        Looking for Lincoln   


   phone Village Lines 785 5224 5133

       Members of the 2010 President's Club pose in the Lincoln Carnegie Library before the morning programming and noon Look-A-Like Contest Ceremony. 







The Century-old Lincoln County Courthouse is a perfect location for the morning program and Look-A-Like Contest Ceremony.  This 110 year old native limestone building is one of the most photographed buildings in Kansas.  You may feel as though you truly are there in the 1860's with President Lincoln!


Savor an afternoon past
The Marshall-Yohe home, furnished with the original owner's belongings, is the site of our 2018 Saturday afternoon Reenactment program. You will tour  rooms of various historic people and listen in on them as they begin their day.
Parlour time will include singing with the pump organ and phonogaph, sampling deserts, and posing for photos with Abraham Lincoln.
It is only fitting and proper that we hereby dedicate ourselves to continuing our Lincoln Reenactment beyond the first 28 years for today's young people and those to come.  May we in Lincoln KS always reflect the spirit of Abraham Lincoln!


                            Paula Wombwell and Angela Bates at the President's Breakfast (for performers) in the Marshall-Yohe House


   29th annual REENACTMENT SCHEDULE, FEB 15 & 16, 2019

 Featuring the 1859 Lincoln visits to Kansas, the Underground Railroad, John Brown's execution, and the ratification of the antislavery Wyandotte Constitution.  An Afternoon Past in the Marshall-Yohe Home will round out the week end. Details to be published as confirmed.

                                                  " 1859: THE GATHERING STORM"


 6:30 pm   Lincoln County Historical Museum 216 W Lincoln Ave: screening of "Seven Angry Men" 
 8:00         Jack Crispin, Lincoln, KS


 8:30 am  Marshall-Yohe House 316 S 2nd Street                                                                                                 
                President’s Breakfast for Lincoln Look-A-Likes and Performers

 9:00   Lincoln County Courthouse 216 E Lincoln Ave
           Ticket sales begin 
 9:50  Welcome & Introductions by Jack Crispin, Lincoln, KS, Master of Ceremonies

10:00  "1859 - The Gathering Storm":  Jack Crispin                                                                  

10:30  "Lincoln in Kansas", Troy Strahan, Gardner, KS, as Abraham Lincoln 

11:00   "John Brown and the Potawatomie Raid"  reported by Horace Greely; presenter, Bud DeArvil, Lincoln, KS

11:15   Break

11:25   "A Widow's Story of the Pottawatamie Raid":  Marla Matkin, Hill City, KS

11:45   "Harper's Ferry - John Brown" reported by Horace Greely; presenter, Bud DeArvil

12:00  Lincoln Look-A-Like Ceremony:  Drummers, The Gettysburg Address, Look-a-Like winner by audience choice

12:30 pm Christian Community Center 137 N 4th Street
                Buffalo Stew Meal: a sturdy stew with biscuits, fruit, and cherry cobbler            

  1:30  Marshall-Yohe Home 316 S 2nd Street   Experience an 1800's Afternoon Past in this 1880's historic home

          In the Parlour and Dining Rooms sing along with the pump organ and Victrola, sample cookies, pose with the

          Lincolns for keepsake photos, join in a question and answer time with the morning presenters, and meet Thomas   

          Ewing, Jr., a Kansas lawyer instrumental in Kansas being a Free State, presented by Dan Metz, Lincoln, KS

  3:30  Farewell            

         $20 adult:  all day and meal; $8 adult afternoon only   Free: Students all day and meal  (phone calls or emails sent

         in advance indicating your intentions of attending appreciated)

                    Sponsored by the Lincoln County Historical Society Reenactment Committee; funded
                       in part by Lincoln County businesses, organizations and persons who love history
                                785 524 5133, , updates at                                                                                                                     


We  suggest a side trip to Delphos, Ks, during your visit to Lincoln.  Grace Bedell, the little girl who wrote the letter to Lincoln advising him that he had a better chance of winning the election if he grew a beard, homesteaded with her husband, George Billings, near there.   George took the avice from Horace Greeley, also from the state of New York,  not to settle in Colorado as first planned, but in Kansas.  George was among the first settlers on Yockey Creek, Grace following him later.   The Billings maintained their ties to Greeley and also became friends with Wild Bill Hickock, and other hunters who stayed in their modest cabin home.   Later, George became the President of the Delphos State Bank and he and Grace moved into the small town, living their remaining years there.    A monument honoring Grace for her letter stands in the Delphos City Park.